We are a coaltion of state, civil society, and citizen organizers committed to the prevention of human trafficking in the Greater New Orleans area through education, advocacy, and research.

Members represent a diverse coalition of New Orleans area organizations, institutions, state agencies, political and religious affiliations. The group maintains a working list of service providers and organizers who address this multi-faceted issue.

The group's primary goal is to collaborate in sharing and disseminating information, contacts, and protocols related to the existence, prevention, and response to human trafficking in and around New Orleans.

The working group is dedicated to advocacy, activism, and awareness raising projects that help to eradicate trafficking in the area. A calendar of local anti-trafficking events keeps the community involved.





New Orleans Human Trafficking Working Group

c/o Modern Slavery Research Project

Dr. Laura Murphy

Loyola University New Orleans

6363 St. Charles Avenue Box 50

New Orleans LA 70118



With your help and the work by state legislators, Louisiana recieved a top ranking in the SHARED HOPE PROTECTED INNOCENCE CHALLENGE

The new legislation that is being brought to vote on in the Louisiana Legislature this term can be found HERE

The New Orleans Human Trafficking Working Group is an outreach project monitored under the Modern Slavery Research Project at Loyola University New Orleans

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